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5 things you didn’t know about your maternity session

So, you’re thinking about a Maternity Photoshoot… First things first, congratulations!

Whether it is for your first baby or a fabulous addition to your family, pregnancy is always such a transformative incredible time of our life as women.

More than anyone else, we are the once to feel (quite literally) our baby’s presence from the very beginning and also the ones to experience the changes and growth every single day during our pregnancy.

But as the weeks and months go by, you’ll find yourself focusing more and more on your baby and their arrival – forgetting to take time to celebrate… yourself!

And this is where a Maternity Photoshoot comes in play: it is not only a way to capture some beautiful photographs that your little one will love looking at even years from now, it is a little oasis of “me time” within a very eventful time of your life.

So, ready to discover 5 little-known facts about your Maternity Photography Session?

Sit tight!

1 – It is not for “models”

One thing I hear all the time from mums at their Newborn Photoshoot is “I regret so much not having a Maternity Session done – but I just wasn’t feeling good about myself!”

I hear you!

You might struggle to believe this, but being a photographer does NOT mean loving being photographed.

Not only that, but as a mum myself I know well that some days during pregnancy you definitely don’t feel “the glow” – quite the opposite: swollen legs, tiredness and all…

… the last thing you might be thinking about is having some pictures taken!

However, this is exactly where working with a professional specialist Maternity Photographer makes all the difference: choosing the right light, angles, styling and (more than anything) creating an atmosphere that helps you relax and shine is an art – one that your maternity photographer will have spent years perfecting.

So, no models required: all you need to do is come to the studio and I will do the rest – so you can look at your images and think “WOW”.

Beautiful Maternity Portraits Birmingham

2 – You don’t have to wear big dresses… or do anything you’re uncomfortable doing!

Some mums-to-be love the idea of wearing our beautiful maternity dresses during the session, some prefer a more casual style and some prefer… well, nothing!

This is YOUR session, and while of course I will add to our recipe my personal style – outfits and poses will be chosen based on YOUR needs.

After all, I want you to fall in love with the process the very same way you’ll love your final images.

Here’s an example of a few different styles I have used for recents clients who have visited my studio in [. ] for a pregnancy photoshoot.

3 – Editing is part of the “magic”

This part of the process is one that happens “behind the scenes” after your session, so not many know exactly what it is.

So what is editing?

In short, it is the process of removing all elements that could be distracting to the eye when you look at your images, enhancing the dramatics of your body in a flattening, wholesome way while maintaining a natural look that makes your images “real”.

Last but not least editing helps ensure that your photographs follow specific standards that will make them look beautiful when printed.

You might have never experienced this but images that are not taken and edited by a professional can look “weird” when printed: red or yellow skin, too dark or light, etc…

This is also why I work with only a handful of very selected professional printing labs in the country: having worked with them for years I can guarantee that their equipment and materials are perfect for printing your images!

4 – We can include images with your partner (and children) in your gallery

This is entirely up to you.

Some mums love to keep their maternity photoshoot a gift to themselves, and some ask me to include their partner and children – and this is no problem at all.

One of the most important aspects of maternity and newborn photography is for your photographer to be able to work fast, without making you feel rushed in any way: this is to ensure your wellbeing throughout the session and to ensure you don’t feel in any way tired.

In this sense, should you wish for your family to join in for a few shots don’t worry: this won’t be a lengthy or stressful process and I’ll also be happy to offer guidance on choose outfits that will work well for these shots.

5 – A Maternity Photography Session is a gift to your little one – not only to yourself and your family!

Years ago I remember looking at pictures of my children thinking “where am I?”.

Hilarious, don’t you think? But typical for us mums: we are always busy doing something OR capturing those family moments that feel so special… that we forget to BE in the pictures!

But your presence is exactly what your little one will LOVE years from now.

As we grow up and go through life, photographs of your family events, including a milestone like your pregnancy, become more and more precious and an incredible reminder of moments in their lives that will never come back.

This is also why I always encourage families to add some prints, an album or wall art to their Image Collection: technology changes, phone and computers break, but printed photographs are something your children will be able to hold in their hands years from now.

Curious to learn more?

If you are considering a maternity photoshoot or newborn photoshoot at my studio in Birmingham. I would absolutely love to hear from you and tell you more about my approach to working with babies.

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