Adorable little newborn baby dressed in a bear outfit holding a honey pot in a wooden bowl at her Newborn Photoshoot in Birmingham,Newborn Photographer Birmingham

Whats the best age for baby photo’s?

When is the best age for professional baby portraits?

The first year of your baby’s life is such a special time, they go through so many changes and big important milestones.

As a parent you’ll probably have tons of images on your phone documenting the daily, weekly and monthly changes in your baby so why invest in professional photographs of your baby? Professional portraits of your baby are images that you will proudly hang in your home, they are more than a snapshot on your phone, they are images you’ll want to cherish forever.

So what’s the best age to have your baby photographed during their first year?

The truth is that whenever you choose to have your baby photographed during their first year your images will be incredibly beautiful and special to you. You’ll look back at each image and remember that special age of your child’s life with fond memories.

With that being said there are some key milestone’s that I recommend to capture with professional images.

  • 0-14 days – the newborn stage
  • 6-9 months – when your baby is sitting up by their self unaided
  • 12 months – your baby’s first birthday

A newborn girl photographed at Sage & Eve Photography at 8 days old

A Newborn Photoshoot

The best time to have your newborn baby photographed with me is when they are under 2 weeks old.

During this time babies are usually very sleepy and settled which is perfect for a Newborn Photoshoot. They will still have that lovely newborn curl to them, which allows me to capture all of those gorgeous newborn poses everyone loves.

After this 2 week period babies start to loose this curl and flexibility and are often more awake and alert.

For this reason it is best practise to book your Newborn Photoshoot in before your baby is even born.

A baby boy photographed at 9 months old at Sage & Eve Photography

A Sitter Photoshoot

Between 6-9 months of age is a fantastic age to capture your babies portraits, they are just able to sit by themselves and are not yet crawling around.

Babies are so full of personality at this age, gorgeous big smiles that melt your heart, funny little giggles and inquisitive eyes.

At this age we can capture a variety of different shots from sitting to lying down and on their tummy. If you’ve had a Newborn Photoshoot with me in the past we can even incorporate some of the props used from that session to showcase just how much they have grown.

Blue balloon themed first birthday set with baby boy Cake Smash Photography West Bromwich Birmingham
A little boy photographed at his first birthday cake smash at 12 months old at Sage & Eve Photography

A Cake Smash Photoshoot

All birthdays are special but that first one is a huge deal! What better way to celebrate then with a cake smash.

A cake smash is a fun and unique way to celebrate this very important milestone in your babies life. Cake smashes are all about having fun! We sing, we dance and we make plenty of silly faces. A cake smash is also an amazing sensory experience for your little one without you having to worry about the mess. I capture all the mess, fun and giggles throughout.

Your stunning images from your cake smash are perfect for displaying at your little ones first birthday parties, are great keepsakes and are amazing for displaying in your home.

So that sums up the best ages to have your baby photographed during their first year. If you have any questions at all or would like to book in with me for any of the sessions mentioned please click here to contact me. I would love to chat with you!

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