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The Sweetest Milestone: Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday with a Cake Smash Session

Cake smashing fun! Welcome to our blog post about the sweetest milestone of all – your baby’s first birthday! It’s hard to believe that a year has flown by already, and now it’s time to celebrate this special occasion in style. What better way to mark this memorable moment than with a cake smash session? Not only will you capture priceless memories of joy and laughter, but also satisfy your little ones craving for sugar! So buckle up as I take you on an exciting journey through the world of cake smashes – from tips on preparing for the shoot to selecting the perfect theme for your little munchkin. Let’s dive in and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Introduction to Cake Smash Photoshoots

A cake smash photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday! This fun and messy session captures the first birthday celebrations perfectly.

We will start off the session on a plain backdrop with some traditional one year old portraits, this is also a great opportunity to have some updated family portraits taken too. I encourage all of the family to get involved to mark the occasion.

Then it will be time for the main event – the smashing of the cake! Your little one will have a blast digging into their very own personalised cake and you will get some adorable photos of the messy fun.

After the cake smashing part is over, we will clean up your little one in one of the beautiful tubs I have available, complete with plenty of bubbles. These photos are always so sweet and make for a perfect end to a first birthday celebration.

Planning for a Cake Smash Session

No matter what kind of cake smash you’re looking for planning is key. There are a few things you’ll need to consider to make sure that the cake smashing fun and the day goes off without a hitch. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect cake smash photo shoot for your baby.

Pick a theme:

A lot of parents like to go with a theme for their baby’s first birthday party and cake smash photo shoot. This can be anything from a specific colour theme to something more elaborate like a princess or pirate theme. I love creating bespoke themes for your session. Whether you go for a theme or a colour scheme I will make sure all of the elements of the shoot fit perfectly, from gorgeous decor, to personalised cake and matching outfit.

first birthday cake smashing fun pictures Sutton Coldfield birmingham
Captured by Sage & Eve Photography, Beautiful cake form local baker Choice Cheesecakes and Cakes

How to prep before your shoot:

Choose a time of day for your session when you know your baby will be at their happiest. Avoid scheduling too close to nap times. Ideally we want your baby to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for their session with their biggest smiles.

A few weeks before your shoot I encourage you to try some messy play in preparation for the cake smashing fun with play doh, food paint or icing so they are used to the soft and squishy texture. I also suggest you try and feed your baby some cake in the weeks prior to the session so they can used to the taste.

What to bring on the day:

  • Bring a favourite toy to encourage smiles or incase little one needs a break or a distraction
  • Make sure to bring a drink for your baby – eating cake is thirsty work!
  • Bring some of your baby’s favourite snacks with you incase we need to hide some in the icing
  • Bring a change of clothes for yourself and little one for after the smash as it can get quite messy
cake smash Sutton Coldfield birmingham
Captured at Sage & Eve Photography Studio

What to expect at your Cake Smash

I always start the session with some nice simple portraits of little one on their own and then some classic family images of you all together on a plain backdrop. Then we get little one changed in to their smashing outfit and bring in the cake Let the cake smashing fun commence! Your little one may be shy to start with this is completely normal but with a bit of patience and a little gentle encouragement even the shyest baby’s enjoy themselves. Once the smash part is over we clean up in one of my tubs complete with bubbles and some rubber ducks, these make for some adorable images. Lastly we will take a few pictures of your little wrapped in a soft cosy towel.

smash the cake in Sutton Coldfield birmingham, Cake smashing fun
Captured by Sage and Eve Photography

Alternatives to a traditional Cake Smash

If a traditional cake smash session feels too messy or hectic for your little ones first birthday, there are plenty of alternative ways to celebrate the occasion! Here are a few ideas:

– A ‘smash free’ cake: Simply put , this is a decorated cake that your baby can dig in to without making a huge mess. It’s perfect for those who want to avoid the chaos of a typical cake smash session.

-A fruit smash: This is a great alternative to a cake smash. You’ve guessed right we use lots of lovely fruit instead of a cake but the concept is exactly the same. Your baby will have a great time eating their way through all the delicious fruit.

-Alternative food: We can use spaghetti, donuts etc. Whatever your baby is into, we can make a smash session that goes perfectly.

first birthday cake smashing fun at sage and eve photography Sutton Coldfield
Captured at Sage and Eve Photography

In conclusion

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday with a cake smash! It really is the sweetest milestone for parents and their little one’s, providing plenty of smiles, laughter and pictures to cherish. These smash sessions are incredibly fun for everyone involved and capture your babies unique personalities in delightful photographs that will last a lifetime. We hope these tips have helped you to see that having a first birthday cake smash can be an unforgettable experience while also creating some timeless memories.

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