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Decorating your Nursery

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for your new arrival is preparing and decorating your nursery. Although most new babies won’t be moving into their own room until they are 6 months or older, preparing your little ones nursery gives you a dedicated space for clothes, toys, nappies and all the other things a new baby requires.

Home decorating trends for nurseries are constantly evolving, but in 2023 there is definitely a move towards more neutral colours and natural materials. This is especially appropriate if you plan not to find out the gender of your baby. But that’s not to say that bold and bright is completely out!

Here are the top five trends to bear in mind when decorating your baby’s room:

1. Soothing Colours:

  • Soft, muted colours such as pale greys, blues and greens are now a popular choice for nurseries. These colours are calming and create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for your baby to sleep and play in.

2. Natural Materials:

  • Using natural materials such as wicker, rattan, wood, linen and fur textiles can add a warm and cosy feel to any nursery. They also bring in a connection to nature, which brings a sense of calm to any room.

Decorating your nursery, Newborn Photography Birmingham
Neutral nursery decor inspiration

3. Bold Accents:

  • Whilst softer colour choices are are popular for walls and furniture bold accent pieces such as colourful curtains, rugs and wall art can add a pop of personality to the room. Chose brightened cheerful colours that compliment the room’s colour scheme.

4. Minimalist Design:

  • The minimalist trend is so popular in nurseries right now, with simple clean lines and a focus on functionality. This style is great for those parents that want a clutter free space for their baby to sleep and play in.

5. Personalisation:

  • Adding personal touches to your nursery, such as family photo’s or your newborn images, handmade items and monograms can make your room feel unique and special. Personalisation can also help to create a sense of comfort and connection for both baby and for parents.

When decorating your nursery creating a mood board can be very handy as well as practical. A mood board allows you to see your ideas planned out. It is important to keep in mind the safety and comfort of your baby. Choose furniture that is safe and sturdy, avoid sharp edges or any loose parts. Make sure there is plenty of room for your baby to move around and play. Also consider the lighting in the room to make sure it is neither too bright or too dim. Lamps or dimmer switches can be a useful addition to keeping the room calm and also allowing those night feeds to not fully wake baby up.

Decorating your nursery, Newborn photoshoots Birmingham
An example of a mood board

Adding portraits when decorating your nursery is a great way to include art work into the room. Displaying your newborn portraits gives you a constant reminder of just how little they were every time you walk into the nursery. Family portraits in your nursery is also another beautiful way to cement your baby’s place in the family.

Decorating your nursery, Newborn Photographer Birmingham
Beautiful wall art of newborn portrait

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